6:00pm-10:00pm      $30.00PER BOAT  plus  $1.00 for habitat improvement fund

1  June 22nd 528 Launch

2  June 29th 528 Launch

3 July 6th 528 Launch

4  July 13th 528 Launch

5  July 20th Bear Run Launch

6  July 27th Bear Run Launch

7  August 3rd Bear Run Launch

8 August 10th Bear Run Launch

9  August 17th 528 Launch

10  August 24th 528 Launch

11  August 31st 528 Launch

12  September 7th 528 Launch

Championship tournament date:
SUNDAY SEPT 18th, 8am – 4pm 528 boat launch. Boat check will start at 6:30am

    ONLY FOR THOSE WHO QUALIFY. You must fish at least 5 Weds night tournaments, you can buy in your 6th tournament the morning of the classic.Buy in is $30 per angler.

Ron Feits    Tournament Director     724-630-9868

There will be an Angler Of The Year award based on points accumulated for finishing in the money.

There will be a Lunker award for the heaviest fish of the season. This award is in honor of departed club member Jim Bohrer.

There will be a Heavyweight Bag Of The Year Award for the heaviest bag of season.This award is in honor of departed club member Ken Pate.

Wednesday Night Tournament Rules

Registration: 5:00pm to 5:50pm.

You are not permitted to fish if you are not registered before 5:50pm.You must be 16 years of age to be a boater.

RULES (remember it is your responsibility as a Tournament Angler to know all of the rules):

  • All contestants must sign a Rules Receipt Signoff before competing. Failure to do so is grounds for disqualification.
  • No wake under all bridges. State Park rules and Fish Commission rules apply.
  • Lifejackets must be properly worn any time the combustion engine is running. Waist belts are permitted.
  • 4 Fish, 15″ minimum size. Must use Basscasters weigh-in bags (wait in line for your bag). At no time should anyone possess (in livewell, weigh-in bag, or any other combination) more than a tournament limit of bass. Violation will result in disqualification.
  • At no time may a contestant return a dead fish to the water with the purpose of replacing it with a live fish.
  • No fishing in Marina’s, withing 100 feet of boat docks, Ramps, behind the buouys at the dam, or other state park designated off-limit areas. “no boats = no baits in off limits areas”.
  • Dead fish penalty – 8oz which also applies to lunker
  • Both partners must remain in the boat at all times during the tournament unless a meatter of safety or health occurs. No fishing is permitted during the absence of one partner.
  • 50 yard rule will be enforeced (anchor down, electric motor up). Power poles or like devices are considered anchors if deployed.
  • No trolling. Only one rod may be used at a time. All fishing from boat only.
  • Artificial lures only. No live bait or preserved bait.
  • Once your fish are weighed, they will immediately be taken directly from the scales back to the lake. You are responsible for your dead fish. Please do not throw them in the dumpster.
  • Late penalty – 1 Lb per minute which also applies to lunker. After 5 minutes late the team is disqualified. If you fail to put your chip in the bucket you will be disqualified.
  • Violations of any rules will result in disqualification from the tournament.
  • Decisions of the tournament director are final. All BassCasters club members are tournament officials.
  • For teams whose owner has not arrived, or for teams not ready to leave the take-off, you must notify a club official before the first boat leaves. Pick up late partners at launch ramp only.
  • The entire bay past old 422 boat launch is OFF Limits.

Note: Please print clearly when filling out the registration cards. If we cannot read the names, we cannot keep records of the number of tournaments you have fished. Thank you.